Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Must try to recreate these!

Today my daughter and I were cruising the aisles at Whole Foods, and I thought I'd try something new for lunch.  In the frozen food aisle, my eye landed on a box of Dr. Praeger's Kids All Natural Broccoli Littles.  They were on sale, so I picked them up and took a look.  Hmm...looked like they were basically tater tots with broccoli mixed in.  Sounded tasty!  So, I tossed the box in my cart and headed for the checkout line. 

I got them home and popped them in the oven (super quick, super simple - you just broil them for eight minutes on a side).  I tasted one when they were done and was very surprised - they were delicious!  I've been burned by frozen kid's food so many all those chicken nuggets out there that don't seem to have an ounce of chicken in them!  But these were great - basically they tasted like tater tots with broccoli mixed in.  My daughter loved them, too (I had to laugh as she gleefully bit the head off of a teddy bear...).  And I suddenly thought to myself, I could totally make these! 

So here's the ingredient list:  Broccoli, potatoes, onions, egg whites, potato flakes, expeller pressed canola oil, arrowroot, salt, and garlic.  It surprises me that broccoli is the first ingredient, because it seems like there is a lot more potato than broccoli in there, but maybe they blended it together. 

Anyway, next time I have a free afternoon and am in the mood to experiment, I'm going to try to recreate these.  They were cut into fun little shapes - stars, dinosaurs, teddy bears...but I can use little cookie cutters for that. 

Once I've had a chance to play around with it, I'll report back!

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