Sunday, September 19, 2010

Menu Plan September 19-23

I haven't planned a menu for a while, but it's not like I don't need one!  We recently revised our budget and eliminated restaurants completely, so organization is paramount at the moment.

Here's the plan for this week:

Tonight, I made buttermilk chicken, with mashed potatoes and sauteed summer squash.  One of my favorite meals ever, and yes, it can be made ahead (but I didn't).  I'll post instructions soon!

Tomorrow, we'll be having cranberry pork chops.  How have I never posted this recipe on either blog?  Must remedy that...

Wednesday, teriyaki chicken.

Thursday, something meatless.  Hubby has promised we can start having meatless meals once a week to save money.  I'm not sure what yet, I need to do some recipe hunting!

Friday, we're babysitting our nieces and nephews, so I think we'll just be picking up a pizza or making something super quick at their house.

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